Sunday, May 6, 2007

Something to think about

Just for you people who are not currently thinking at this very minute, here's something to think about. No need to thank me.

How is it that Spider-Man can keep shooting webs without getting dehydrated?
My guess it's made of urine, because not one time have I've ever seen him use a urinal in a movie, which could also mean he's wearing adult diapers!

I hate to be in MJ's shoes! Imagine having a boyfriend with urine all over his hands!

Do you think she knows? -->

1 comment:

  1. Not bad, but trust me if you keep going down this road it can only end in tears. For example, can you imagine how much the X-Men would have to EAT to power the surely calorie consuming powers they possess? I mean, supposedly Cyclops is powered by the sun, but Wolverine's healing power? Where does that energy come from? Have you ever recovered from a grevious wound? It takes energy my friend.