Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Do you feel like screaming?

Seriously! Have you ever had the urge to scream at the top of your lungs? I'm not talking heavy metal type of screaming, or the kind of scream you might make after hitting your head on the floor due to choking on a pretzel like a certain president everybody calls Chimp. I mean the kinda scream you feel like screaming when you feel all is hopeless, like the whole world is caving in on you, minus the bolders. If you are currently feeling like that, there's a cure. SCREAM!

The only problem with screaming, is that people will think your in physical pain, or your gay. Now there's nothing wrong with being gay, but if someone calls you on it, remember not to say "fuck you", because they might be gay to, who will be very disappointed if you wont have sex or you deny your phone number. Believe me!

So what are you waiting for? Scream till you don't feel like screaming anymore until you pass out amongst friends who know you're straight.


  1. You've never heard of the Eternal Screaming Fish Man???

  2. No Alexandra, but I'll look it up. Be cool to see fish with lungs!

  3. There will be a shortage of cheesecake

  4. i used this at school. my work came back with the following comment

    Anne, come to the office. you will NOT be going to London

    i went somwhere better


    Anne James, of somewhere in northwestern Minnesota