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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Antibacterial Soap & Courtney Love

You probably wont believe it, sometimes I don't believe it, but not once did I write the last few months. Those first 3 blog entries took a lot out of me, like how you feel when you're dying of a virus caught from chimps that smacked you with their feces because you didn't have a banana.

Anyway, every year thousands upon thousands of people get sick from a new strain of virus, which might explain why Courtney Love looks the way she does. I wouldn't want to be caught dead in the same room with her, because I can't run away! Who wants to come back as a Zombie after getting infected? Not me! Because next thing you know we're getting married!

Sometimes a common cold virus, or germ you picked up from someome who recently cleaned their butt, can make you even more sick when your body defenses are weak from washing too much with antibacterial soap. The American Medical Association (AMA) state that antibacterial products, which includes what you use in the kitchen, help create resistant bacteria! Imagine not being able to kill the bacteria you picked up from Paris Hilton. I'm using her as an example since I hear she's dirty, even after showering with Palmolive dish washing liquid.

Regular soap and water gets rid of bacteria easily, by adhering it to the soap’s fatty acids, which become encapsulated in droplets of water and washed away. That's right! The first sentence of this paragraph was lifted from another article, but it's not plagiarism since I'm admitting to this. Think I want to go to jail where I'm forced to wash with Dial? Think again! Courtney might be there!

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